Venom Mask Marvel’s Spider-Man Maximum Venom




Bonding with an unearthly symbiote gives Eddie Brock superhuman powers as Venom! Children can suit up like Venom with this spine-chilling symbiote Venom Mask Marvel’s Spider-Man Maximum Venom. Mask includes a lever so kids can swing the tongue back and forth for a scary symbiote feature. With an adjustable band, this Venom roleplay mask will fit most mortals. Look for other Spider-Man Maximum Venom toys, and imagine other Spider-Man adventures. Imagine swinging through the city streets and going into battle with Spider-Man as the evil Venom! Be on the lookout for other Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom gear and imagine forming a team of super heroes with friends! Additional products sold separately. Subject to availability.



  • Contents: A Venom Mask Marvel’s Spider-Man Maximum Venom
  • inspired by the new series of Marvel’s Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD
  • Maximum Venom-inspired design
  • Sinister symbiote tongue swings back and forth
  • Fits most mortals heads with an adjustable band

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