Spider-Man Maximum Venom Venomized Iron Man Mask Set




Iron Man is now Venomized in this Spider-Man Maximum Venom Venomized Iron Man Mask Set. Fans can suit up in a Venomized Iron Man mask, put on the Repulsor accessory, load in a dart and fire it as they imagine action-filled battles in the world of Spider-Man Maximum Venom! The Super Hero mask features classic Iron Man design from the Marvel comics with a ‘Venomized twist’. The mask is decorated in the Venom symbiote style! The Repulsor accessory has a strap and can be attached to the wrist for easy dart-firing action! Includes three foam darts.


  • Contents: A venomized iron man mask, a dart repulsor, 3 darts and instructions
  • A fan favourite character from the Avengers has now been Venomized with this exciting roleplay set!
  • Mask includes a strap and a Venomized version of the classic Iron Man design
  • Fans can strap the Venomized Iron Man Repulsor accessory onto their wrists and load one of the included darts to fire at enemies!
  • Spider-Man Max Venom figures and roleplay accessories are inspired by the animation on Disney XD!
  • Enter the action-packed world of Maximum Venom with other figures and accessories inspired by the Spider-Man Maximum Venom series. (Each sold separately)

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