Polly Pocket Pocket House




Brand: Polly Pocket

Color: Multicolour


  • ​Inspired by Polly's house in her tiny hometown of Polly Ville, Pocket House features a babysitting theme with many reveals, rooms and accessories
  • ​This awesome toys for kids playset includes fun play pieces; a rocking horse, Paxton's high chair, a table and two chairs, couch, Peaches' doghouse, a trampoline and bike
  • These fun dolls have many great activities including, Polly's bedroom, Paxton's room with crib and rocking horse; bathroom with tub, living room with TV, table and chairs, music for dancing
  • There's a kitchen and high chair so the Polly doll can feed Paxton Pocket doll; place Polly dolls feet in the bicycle pedals and the doll moves like she's biking
  • Includes Polly Pocket dolls house playset, micro dolls Polly and Paxton, Peaches the dog, doll accessories, a trampoline, a bike and much more ​
  • With Polly Stick technology, kids can stick the stickers anywhere and Polly doll and friends will stick on the sticker; kids can customise Polly's Pocket doll house with additional stickers
  • ​Build out and customise a world with Polly Ville tiny hangouts and vehicles; there are a lot of different Polly Pocket dolls and accessories to collect (sold separately and subject to availability)
  • ​For ages 4 and up

Binding: Accessory

Publisher: Mattel

Release Date: 01-06-2019

Details: Product Description Come hang out in Polly Ville, the tiny hometown of Polly Pocket that's full of big surprises. There's no end to the fun and babysitting adventures at Pocket House, inspired by Polly's tiny hometown. This playset opens to reveal 4 stories, 5 rooms, 4 fun reveals, 11 accessories. Pocket House comes with many fun items for set up and play: a rocking horse, Paxton Pocket dolls high chair, a table and 2 chairs, couch, Peaches' doghouse, a trampoline and bike. Explore 4 floors of fun including: Polly's bedroom with laptop and closet; Paxton's room where Polly doll can put Paxton Pocket in his crib or play on the rocking horse. A bathroom with a fun tub to get clean or have a shower and a living room to hang out and watch TV, table and chairs for eating and stereo/music for dancing (stick Polly doll on the dance floor and it spins). There's also a kitchen to make food and a high chair so Polly doll can feed Paxton Pocket plus they can play outside, Lots of Polly toys including, a trampoline that really bounces and ride a bike complete with baby seat for Paxton Pocket doll. When the bike is pushed, the doll moves. The playset also includes a sticker sheet with Polly Stick technology that allows kids to stick the stickers anywhere and Polly doll and friends can stick on the sticker. Additional stickers like rugs, slippers and more, add to the fun and let kids customise the House. Children will create even more stories as they build out and customise the doll house, vehicles and doll playset. There is a lot to collect with these fun kids toys for children aged 4 and upwards. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary. Safety Warning Not Applicable

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 10.0 x 4.3 inches

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