Playmobil 5024 Children's Playground




The Playmobil Playground includes two slides, a swing, skateboard ramp, chair carousel and loads of accessories. Also includes 9 Playmobil figures.

Includes: 9 x Playmobil figures, 1 x Sieve, 1 x Bucket, 1 x Watering Can, 1 x Rake, 1 x Spade, 1 x Bench, 1 x Stool, 1 x Skate ramp ground, 1 x Crate, 6 x Bottles, 1 x Tongs, 1 x Barbecue, 1 x Barbecue cover, 1 x Barbecue griddle, 2 x Apples, 1 x Basket and 6 x Sausages.


  • Features a carousel, swings, slides and a skateboard ramp
  • Carousel can be turned
  • Swings move backwards and forwards
  • Includes lots of accessories including skateboard, bike and food
  • With 9 Playmobil figures
  • Batteries not required

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