Play-Doh Drizzy Ice Cream Maker with Toppings




The most fantastic ice cream creations are made with great glazes and toppings! For the first time, this ice play set contains the Play-Doh Drizzle Playdough - a game syrup that becomes a great topping when sprayed on the conventional Play-Doh Playdough. It looks like delicious chocolate or strawberry sauce, but is a feast for the eyes only! The Play-Doh ice cream maker can be used very easily: Simply fill in the classic Play-Doh plasticine and press the lever to create colorful Play-Doh ice cream sundae. Then drizzle some game syrup on the ice with the 2 bottles of Drizzle Sauce and garnish the ice cream with colorful Play-Doh sprinkles and sweets. This ice cream toy is a cool gift for children from 3 years and a great kneading activity.



  • Includes 6 Play-Doh colours in 56g cans and 28g cans
  • With the Play-Doh Drizzle sauce dough, the Play-Doh creations get a colorful topping in a chocolate or strawberry look. Another cute way of decorating
  • Simply fill the classic Play-Doh plasticine into the ice cream maker and press the lever - great Play-Doh soft ice cream snakes into the cup. The transparent design is fun to watch and clean
  • The Play-Doh Drizzle modeling clay is a game syrup that becomes a great topping as soon as it is sprayed onto the conventional Play-Doh modeling clay
  • The ice cream maker comes with double-sided recipe cards that show step by step how to use the Play-Doh kneading tools, the Drizzle sauce and the classic modeling clay to create unique Play-Doh ice cream creations

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