Marvel Ooshies 80th Anniversary Pack




Marvel Ooshies 80th Anniversary Pack

  • 20 exclusive figures


  • Contents: 50 figures
  • 20 exclusive figures



Celebrate 80 years of Marvel with this collector pack of 50 Marvel Ooshies! Includes 20 exclusive Ooshies!

Golden Groot, Golden Rocket Raccoon, Mixed Metals Classic Antman, Mixed Metals Shield Off Captain America, Mixed Metals Giant Man, Mixed Metals Spider Woman, Mixed Metals Beta Ray Bill, Carbon Iron Man, Carbon Spiderman, Titanium Blue Captain America, Titanium Blue Nova, Titanium Blue Dr Strange, Titanium Blue Peter Parker, Bronze Electro, Bronze Namor, Bronze Modok, Bronze Kingpin, Bronze Ironfist, Bronze Spider Gwen, Bronze Silk, Daredevil, Thanos, Thor, Hulk, Wasp Red, Star-Lord, Nova, Peter Parker, Black Panther, She Hulk, Iron Man, Green Goblin, Spiderman, Bucky, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Groot, War Machine, Captain America, Antman, Rockey Raccoon, Black Suit Spiderman, Loki, Red Skull, Nick Fury, Venom, Falcon, Vision, Black Widow, Dr Strange.

  • Contents: 50 figures




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