Marvel Avengers Black Panther Warrior Pack




Little heroes can imagine going on adventures with Black Panther, geared up to save the day! The noble prince of the African nation of Wakanda, Black Panther fights against evil and oppression, with agility and intelligence that makes him the most mysterious and elite opponent. With his claws sharp and his eyes set on his target, Black Panther is ready to pounce.

Kids can pretend to be like Black Panther with the Black Panther Warrior Pack. This Avengers-inspired set includes an awe-inspiring Black Panther mask and a set of two fearsome claws that let kids pretend to stop evildoers in their tracks, like the sleek and formidable Black Panther himself.


  • Contents: A Mask and 2 Claws
  • Kids can wear included mask and pretend to be Black Panther
  • Included claws let kids imagine slashing into battle
  • Mask and claws fit most young heroes

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