L.O.L. Surprise DIY Glitter Factory

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L.O.L. Surprise DIY Glitter Factory is the most fabulous way to customise L.O.L. Surprise dolls, pets, and accessories. Decorate your L.O.L dolls with glitter or fuzz. Design a new doll by painting glue onto hair, accessories, shoes – wherever you want to glamorise! Secure doll into ball, pour in glitter or fuzz, and then spin to make L.O.L. Surprise dolls glittery or fuzzy.


  • Contents: Includes 4 colours of glitter, 4 colours of fuzz, glue, face masks, a mannequin, and an exclusive doll.
  • Also includes an exclusive doll, 2 outfits, an accessory, shoes, a mannequin, glue and 4 brushes.
  • Add glue, place doll in playset, then spin the ball to DIY the most fabulous dolls!
  • Decorate LOL Surprise Pets and accessories, too!
  • Customise all your LOL Surprise dolls with glitter and fuzz!
  • Dimensions L40.64 x W17.78 x H30.48cm