KidsSeat 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer




The KidsSeat 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer covers every stage of potty training, from first try to independent toilet use. The unique design of this portable seat does three times the work, as a potty, a step up toilet trainer and a toilet seat reducer.

The KidsSeat 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer allows children to become independent at their own pace. In traditional potty mode, the KidsSeat is accessible and easy to use, with colourful foot prints to guide your child. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning: simply wash with mild soap and water.

To switch to toilet trainer mode, just remove the bowl. This makes the KidsSeat the perfect transition from potty to adult toilet. The frame extends, transforming the base into a step or footrest that’s just right for helping little ones climb up to the toilet on their own. In this mode, the potty seat becomes a secure toilet reducer. The seat’s familiarity can help to ease your child into the next step of potty training.

Once your child has grown enough to reach the toilet independently, the step can be removed, leaving only the toilet reducer. This stable base is perfect for building their confidence on the adult toilet.

The KidsSeat 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer folds for easy storage and is extremely stable and safe. The rubber insert prevents slipping and ensures comfort and safety, while the playful and colourful design makes potty training inviting and fun for little ones.


  • 3-in-1 potty, step up toilet trainer, and removable toilet seat
  • Rubber inserts prevent slipping and ensure comfort and safety
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Folds to fit any small space

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