JoJo Bows Secret Diary Set

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We all know that there are some things you want to keep private though, which is why your diary comes with a lock on it. Only you can get into it, but you can share your secrets with your friends when you want to! As well as your hot pink diary, you also get two sticker sheets so you can decorate your pages and really bring them to life. And even the pen's inspired by JoJo with the Big Bow, as it's bright pink and has a bow at the top. Perfect for dedicated diary keepers aged 3 and up. Set Includes: Lockable diary Bow pen 2 sticker sheets

  • JoJo Bows Secret Diary contains Secret Diary , Bow Pen and Sticker Sheets
  • Perfect Christmas Gift for your princess ! Fans of JoJo Siwa Bows will delight in this breathtakingly beautiful gift
  • Open up JoJo's keepsafe diary and step inside her famous world. Use the beautiful crafted Bow Pen to write all your secret encounters , likes and dislikes !