Harry Potter Hermione Light Up Painting Wand




Harry Potter Hermione Light Up Painting Wand

  • Paint with light to create stunning art using the bonus app (included)
  • From the WOW! Stuff collection!
  • Ideal for witches and wizards over 8 years old!

  • Official merchandise – Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them authorized and licensed by Warner Bros.
  • Paint with light to create stunning art using the bonus app (included)
  • From the WOW! Stuff collection!
  • Authentic laser scanned film prop replica; Detail exact even down to patina and scars
  • 1:1 correct scale replica
  • Includes: Full colour brand gift box packaging with embossed foil accents, resin replica wand with LED light tip and bonus app details, with free download instructions
  • Ideal for witches and wizards over 8 years old!
  • Batteries Required: 3 LR41 batteries (Included)

In the words of Ollivander, "The wand chooses the wizard", and these new Light Painting Wands from the WOW! Stuff collection are no exception. Each wand features an ultra-bright LED tip, which is activated by a hidden button on the handle of the wand. In itself this is an authentic wand replica when activated, but the real magic begins when you download the free WOW! Stuff Light Painting App onto your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to film yourself, or other wizards and witches, as they use the wand in low light to produce extraordinary images! Paint your name in the sky, draw your own Petronus, replicate duelling battles or recreate scenes and practice your best ‘expelliarmus’, ‘stupefy’ and ‘expecto patronum’ spells!

These collector quality, replica Light Painting Wands are fully licensed by Warner Bros. and are hand painted and cast in a high grade resin to give them a weight and balance that’s authentically pleasing in the hands of all wizards and witches. The wands have been designed using scans of the original film props, creating true replicas of those seen on screen, right down to the scars and patinas! In Harry Potter lore, a quasi-sentient wand matches a wizard or witch’s character. How they look speaks volumes about who is casting the spell. So choose wisely, or let the wand choose you.

The free WOW! Stuff Light Painting App is available for both iOS and Android, and lets you create stunning works of art that can be shared from your smartphone or tablet directly, or uploaded to social media platforms. #lightpaintingwizard #wowstufflightpainting

The wand is designed to fit comfortably in the hands of witches and wizards of ages 8 and up to channel their powers and abilities. Each wand includes batteries, and full instructions to help you become an established wizard or witch.

EU WARNING: These wands are made of resin so they replicate the detailingof the actual movie wands. This also means they are great for cos play, display or as a collector’s item but not suitable for rough and tumble play.

If you or a loved one have broken your product by accident (i.e. despite our warnings Grandpa stood on it by accident or it was dropped from a great height) this product comes with a 90 Day free of charge replacement scheme with the following terms: Write to us before you write to the web to give us the opportunity to help. Then send us your broken product and we will replace it free of charge with you contributing to the return postage and insurance. For full returns address and full terms and conditions please email:


United Kingdom: uk.whoops@wowstuff.com

  • 1: 1 correct scale replica
  • Batteries Required: 3 LR41 batteries (Included)

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