Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Figure Pack

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The  odds  seem  even,  but  Lord  Zedd  never  fights  fair!  He's brought  along  Goldar,  Rita  Repulsa  and  a  Putty  fighter  to battle  the  Red  Ranger,  Pink  Ranger,  Blue  Ranger  and  Green Ranger.  Young  imaginations  create  one  Morphinominal  showdown after  another,  deciding  each  time  who  will  win  the  battle  of heroes  vs.  villains  for  control  of  the  universe! Imaginext  … Turn  on  Adventure!


  • A great gift for Power Rangers fans age 3 and up
  • ​Figure pack includes Goldar with sword, Lord Zedd with sword, Rita Repulsa with staff, Putty fighter, Green Ranger with sword, Pink Ranger with bow & arrow, Red Ranger with sword and Blue Ranger
  • Batteries not required