Big Steps Vroom Road Masters




Big jobs require big vehicles! The ultimate in construction truck playsets, is this 5-in-1 road master set which includes 5 large construction vehicles of varying functions and is all you will ever need to grow your metropolis!



  • Includes: Two dump trucks, two cement mixers and a bulldozer of varying sizes ensures all projects, big or small, are completed right on schedule!
  • 5 Free-Wheeling Vehicles
  • Big Vehicles: Dump Truck, Cement Mixer Truck
  • Small Vehicles: Mini Dump Truck, Mini Cement Mixer Truck & Min
  • Perfect for tiny hands
  • Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Dimensions: Dump Truck 26.2L x 15W x 18.3H cm
  • Dimensions: Cement Mixer 13.8L x 9.4W x 12H cm
  • Dimensions: Bulldozer 15L x 9.5W x 10.5 H cm

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