BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise




Adorable BABY born Surprise doll with 20+ surprises to discover! This 28cm doll comes with a pink bathtub and turquoise towel which help you to reveal all of her amazing surprises! Firstly, splash a few drops of water onto the towel and discover what eye colour she has by gently wiping her eyelids. Then put baby into the bath and pour water over her head to watch as a new hair colour is revealed! Feed your Bathtub Surprise baby with water from her bottle and watch as her nappy changes to reveal a cute pattern, or a charm appears, which can be attached to the bracelet included. Plus, dissolve the duck in water to reveal a t-shirt for your doll! There's so many exciting surprises to discover with BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise.


  • Includes 28cm doll, bathtub, towel, 2 nappies, bottle, bracelet, charm and dissolvable duck with hidden surprise
  • A fun 28cm full of suprises to bring fun to any bath-time
  • 20+ exciting surprises to discover

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