Baby Annabell Alexander 43cm Doll




Baby Alexander is just like a real baby. With a soft body and adorable face he offers a unique experience for any little doll parent. He can cry real tears, be rocked to sleep and loves his dummy. Plus he moves his mouth realistically when drinking and makes cute noises to indicate what mood he is in. You can even tickle him and he will laugh.

Baby Alexander is the perfect doll to offer a nurturing relationship between child and baby, whilst developing a real sense of responsibility and of course, is lots of fun!

With a wide range of clothes and accessories in the Baby Annabell range, little ones will love spending the day in Baby Alexander and Baby Annabell's world.


  • Includes 43cm doll with outfit, bottle, dummy, bib and charm
  • Baby Alexander is just like a real baby!
  • He can drink real water, cry tears and be rocked to sleep!
  • Plus tickle him and he will laugh
  • With realistic movements and sounds
  • He will even suck his dummy!
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AA (Not Included)

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