Barbie Pink Passport Ranch & 3 Dolls

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This Barbie play set includes everything you need for ranch living and horseback riding fun. Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea dolls are all included along with their horses, perfectly sized for each sister. Removable saddles and reins keep these gorgeous pets ready to ride or be groomed with love. The ranch has a painted door for each horse on the "barn" and a decorative cut-out fence to keep them "corralled." Hang the water bucket and feeding troughs on the posts, load them with carrots and food and roll in the red wagon with its bushel of hay when it’s feeding time. The girls are dressed casually cool in horseback riding outfits that reflect their personal styles. Barbie doll is chic in a pink and white collared top with horse print, trendy jeans, tall brown riding boots and a pink helmet. Stacie doll is ready to play in a top with stripes and horseshoe print, blue pants, tall black riding boots and a blue helmet. And Chelsea doll looks adorable -- as always -- wearing a purple top with white graphic decal, teal pants, purple riding boots and a matching purple helmet. Additional accessories let young riders experience adventure, travel or routine riding fun. Each sister comes with a backpack and blanket -- play out a picnic or sleeping under the stars. And a pair of binoculars can be shared to check out the sights more closely. With so many pieces included, the storytelling possibilities are endless! Get ready to ride into imagination with Barbie and her sisters because with Barbie, you can be anything! Set includes Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea dolls wearing fashions and accessories (including helmets), three horses (one for each in different sizes with removable saddles and reins), the ranch frame, fencing, two feeding troughs, one water pail, food, a bushel of hay and a rolling wagon. Barbie and Stacie dolls cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.


  • Explore the great outdoors with Barbie doll and her sisters!
  • Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea dolls are all included, along with a horse for each sized perfectly for the sister and with removable saddle and reins.
  • The brightly coloured ranch has a painted door for each horse on the “barn” and a decorative cut-out fence.
  • Food troughs and a water pail can be hung on the fence; a rolling wagon can bring in a bushel of hay at feeding time.
  • Barbie doll is casually cool in a pink and white collared top with a horse print, trendy jeans and tall brown riding boots.
  • Stacie doll looks sporty in a top with stripes and a horseshoe print, blue pants and tall black riding boots.